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iPhone 6S Plus Review: The Best “S” Phone Apple has Ever Produced

iPhone 6S Plus Review - The Verdict

The iPhone 6S is Apple’s flagship smartphone of 2015. Usually, the “S” models feature some small upgrades over the previous ones. However, the iPhone 6S has been packed with a large number of significant upgrades in every area. It has become faster and looks more beautiful. The performance of its shooter in the low light condition has been improved a lot. The highly innovative 3D touch technology is a welcome addition. In this iPhone 6S Plus review, you will all the details of the device, along with some of the issues. Take a look at it.

iPhone 6S Plus Review - Design

iPhone 6S Plus Review: Design

The iPhone 6S looks quite similar to its predecessor. It once again features the rounded, metal body that continues to provide a premium look and feeling. However, this time, the device is constructed with the 7000-series aluminum, which is one of the strongest alloys Apple has ever used in its smartphone. It has made the device significantly stronger than its predecessor. But more importantly, it is a perfect solution to the highly controversial “bendgate” issue of the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6S Plus is too strong to be bent inside your pocket.

The 6S Plus is 0.2 mm thicker than the previous model. It is also 20g heavier. Thanks to the application of the new Taptic Feedback engine. But due to the higher thickness and weight, not everyone will be able to grab the device comfortably. You will get tired holding it with one hand for an extended period of time. But on the bright side, the combination of flat rear and

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Apple iPhone 7 Price: 32 GB Unlocked Rose Gold at $704.99, 128 GB Unlocked Jet Black at $819

Apple iPhone 7 Price - 32 GB Unlocked Rose Gold at $704.99

If you are planning to buy a new high-end phone, Apple’s latest flagship phone should be on top of your wish list. With the price beginning to drop gradually, it can be a really great choice for you. In this article, you will find the latest Apple iPhone 7 price.

Apple iPhone 7 Price - 32 GB Unlocked Rose Gold at $704.99

Apple iPhone 7 Price: 32 GB Unlocked Rose Gold at $704.99

If you are a fan of luxurious looking smartphone, the Rose Gold iPhone 7 can be a great choice for you. The color has a classic elegance and can catch the eyes of everyone at the very first sight. Moreover, the specific model makes the pages feel broader. So, if you read a lot of books on your mobile device, it will be very effective for you. The Rose Gold model with 32 GB storage is now available at only $704.99. Yes, the device is still pricier than most other high-end smartphones in its class. However, you would have to spend almost $800 for purchasing it in October 2016. In that sense, the current Apple iPhone 7 price is definitely affordable.

Apple iPhone 7 Price - 128 GB Unlocked Jet Black at $819

Apple iPhone 7 Price: 128 GB Unlocked Jet Black at $819

Do you love the black

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