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Apple HomePod News: Market Share Declining Rapidly, Cupertino Company Rumored to Release a New Model to Boost the Sales

Apple HomePod News - Cupertino Company Rumored to Release a New Model to Boost the Sales

The HomePod entered into the market on February 2018. A large number of experts and analysts expected it to generate a massive number of sales. More specifically, they predicted it to outperform Amazon Echo in the global market. However, things turn out to be pretty different in the first two months. According to the latest Apple HomePod news reports, the device is performing very poorly in the highly competitive market of smart speakers. It is no longer considered as a potential hot seller.

Apple HomePod News - Market Share Declining Rapidly

Apple HomePod News: Market Share Declining Rapidly

When HomePod arrived in February, it managed to grab a significant market share of 14 percent. However, after three weeks, it declined massively by 4 percent, as said by Slice Intelligence. On the other hand, Amazon Echo takes over 70 percent market share consistently.

According to unnamed Apple workers, the unsold HomePod units are piling up in the inventory. And if the sale continues to decline, the Cupertino company will be in a huge trouble. In fact, it might trigger one of the major financial losses of the recent time.

But what can be the reason behind the whole situation? Other popular smart speakers, including Amazon Echo and Google Home, can do a lot of things that the typical ones cannot do. For instance, they are able to take your voice command for purchasing foods from the nearby shops. So, all the people expect HomePod to do the same thing. But obviously, it is not capable to do so. As a result, all the consumers are driven away from it.


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Apple Foldable Phone News Loop: Cupertino Company Reveals Patent for Flexible Handset, Experts Questioning the Potential Vulnerability, Might be Launched in 2020

Apple Foldable Phone News Loop - Experts Questioning the Potential Vulnerability

The news and rumors about the Apple foldable phone has been surfacing everywhere. They have created a massive buzz in the smartphone industry. By revealing the patent of a flexible handset, the Cupertino company has intensified the buzz in a great way. A number of reports are claiming that the device would be launched within the next two years. On the other hand, the analysts have expressed their concern about the possible vulnerability. You will find everything in this news loop.

Apple Foldable Phone News Loop - Cupertino Company Reveals Patent for Flexible Handset

Apple Foldable Phone News Loop: Cupertino Company Reveals Patent for Flexible Handset

It has been a long time since the rumor of a flexible Apple phone began surfacing online. However, the Cupertino company always remained silent. But this time, it has revealed a groundbreaking patent of a foldable phone. The filing discusses about a concept where a handset can be folded just like a piece of paper. The two cylinders accommodate all the inflexible components. There is a flexible screen between them, which can be rolled out pretty easily.

The patent is quite unique from the other ones that we have seen from the other smartphone manufacturers. According to Patently Apple, there is a flexible battery behind the foldable screen. It can be folded and rolled out without any issue. It has solved a major issue of adequate space, which has been frustrating the designers for years. So, a new door of opportunities has been opened for not only Apple but for

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