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Download Free iPhone Apps: 10 of the Most Useful Apps for Your iPhone in 2019

If you are a cost conscious iPhone user, you must have been looking to download free iPhone apps. There are tons of options on the market. But not all of them are useful. In fact, there are only a few free apps that are worth of your time and effort. For example, you can use Scanbot to scan your documents. If you want a free aid for urban commute, you can choose Transit. In this article, you will find 10 of the most useful iPhone apps that you can get for free. Take a look at them.

Noted - Download Free iPhone Apps


As the name suggests, Noted enables you to take notes conveniently. The text editor comes with a lot of formatting options. Interestingly, it can work as an audio recorder as well. As a result, you can take notes while recording voice. So, it can be very useful for recording meetings and conferences. Not all the note taking apps have the specific feature. The design is neat and clean.

Transit - Download Free iPhone Apps


Transit provides you with real time traffic data. By utilizing them, you can avoid the traffic jam and reach your destination timely. It also offers you the real time arrivals of your nearby buses and trains. So, you can get to them right in time. Whenever there is

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Sleep Monitor App – 10 of the Best Sleep Tracking iPhone Apps in 2019

1. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock – The Best Sleep Monitor App for iPhone Right Now

If you want to optimize your sleep cycle, you can try using a sleep monitor app on your iPhone. It will help you to analyze various factors, including the duration of deep sleep and snoring. By using the data, you can enhance your sleep cycle significantly. There are various sleep tracking apps available on the market. But which are the best ones in 2019? Read this article to find the answer.

10. Beddit – Sleep Monitor App List

10. Beddit

Beddit is an awesome mobile application. Apart from working as a sleep monitor app, it works as a tracker for a wide range of activities, including heart rate and respiration. So, it is really versatile. The app monitors your bedroom temperature and humidity, which can affect your sleep cycle. It tracks snoring as well. However, you have to grant the access to the microphone. The interface is simple and really easy to use.

9. Rthm Health – Sleep Monitor App List

9. Rthm Health

As the name says, Rthm Health is a health monitoring application. However, it can also work as a sleep monitor app. It improves your sleep quality by analyzing the pattern. But more interestingly, the app recommends the perfect time to wake up for strengthening the circadian rhythm. The interface is neat, clean and slick.

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Best Free Apps that Can Make Your iPhone More Useful in 2019

Best Free Apps for iPhone - Enlight Pixaloop

There are tons of apps on the App Store. The number has gone beyond 2.2 million. Only a fraction of them are worth using regularly and effectively. Also, not all of them are free. So, finding the best free apps on the App Store can be very difficult. To help you, we have published this list of the top 10 highly effective free apps. By using them, you can make your phone more useful. Let’s take a look at them.

Best Free Apps for iPhone - Enlight Pixaloop

Best Free Apps for iPhone: Enlight Pixaloop

Wouldn’t it be nice to see your photos being animated in your phone? Enlight Pixaloop does just that. It allows you to create a path in the area of your photo, which you want to be animated. When you hit the play button, a cinematography will be created. There are tons of features that you can enjoy, including automated moving skies and camera wobble. If you love to be an animated image editing star on social media, Enlight Pixaloop is the best free app for you.

Best Free Apps for iPhone - Retrica

Best Free Apps for iPhone: Retrica

Retrica is one of the best image editing software on the market. It boasts a huge number of filters, including blur and vignette. You can make them to take the look

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