Apple 7S Features: 4 Key Options of the Next-Gen iPhone

Apple 7S Features - 4 Key Options of the Next-Gen iPhone

We are still months away from seeing the release of the next-gen iPhone 7S. But a large number of rumors on its groundbreaking features have already begun to surface online. Some of them sound very logical and potential. In this article covering Apple 7S features, you will find 5 rumored, key options of the device. Take a look at them.

Apple 7S Features - 4 Key Options of the Next-Gen iPhone

Apple 7S Features: No Physical Home Button on Edge to Edge Display

The current-generation iPhone 7 was rumored to feature the edge to edge display. It didn’t happen. However, this time, you will see the feature in the iPhone 7S. Thanks to the technology of Sonavation, a biometric R&D company, which will allow Apple to use the vertical edge to edge display in the iPhone 7S. However, it will force the Cupertino company to remove the physical home button. In its place, a software home button might be implemented. It will be one of the key Apple 7S features that will revolutionize the design of the iPhone lineup.

Apple 7S Features: Wireless Charging

The wireless charging feature might not sound a big deal to you. Apple’s fierce rival, Samsung, has already applied it to its flagship phones. However, the iPhone lineup hasn’t received the technology yet. According to the different reports, Foxconn, one of Apple’s major suppliers, have already begun to test it for the iPhone 7S.

Apple 7S Features: Augmented Reality

Apple has been working hard to equip the iPhone 7S with the Augmented Reality (AR) feature, as claimed by Business Insider UK. It will allow the camera of the device to recognize the real-world objects. It will also enable the shooter to recognize and manipulate the faces of the people around you.

Apple 7S Features: Glass Front and Back

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a great track record of predicting the features of the future iDevices, claims that the next-gen Apple smartphone will have glass and front back. It will make the device look glossy and resist scratching damages better than ever before. So, it’s going to be one of the most effective Apple 7S design features.

These are the rumored features that are shaking the smartphone community. Keep in touch with us to find more Apple 7S features, news and rumors.

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