Apple iPhone 7 Review: Stunning Cameras, Super-Fast Performance and Beautiful Design

Apple iPhone 7 Review - Stunning Cameras, Super-Fast Performance and Beautiful Design

The Apple iPhone 7 was launched in September 2016. It has a super-fast processor, stunning cameras and an elegant design. But is it worth for you to purchase? In this review, you will find the detailed answer, along with some of the issues.

Apple iPhone 7 Review - Stunning Cameras, Super-Fast Performance and Beautiful Design

Apple iPhone 7 Review: Design

As rumored earlier, the iPhone 7 comes with several major design changes. You can no longer press the home button. Thanks to the new capacitive button, which offers tactical feedback with the help of the Taptic Engine. There is also no 3.5-mm audio jack connector. But don’t worry. You can still connect your headphones with the device through the lightning adapter. For the very first time, Apple has applied the dust and water resistant design in its smartphone. The device is IP67 certified. As a result, it can withstand up to 1m of immersion. In terms of look, the iPhone 7 is the most beautiful smartphone Apple has ever produced. The introduction of the new Jet Black model has taken the design of the iPhone to a whole new level. The intense black color and lovely finish have provided the device a unique identity in the market.

Apple iPhone 7 Review: Display

The 4.7-inch display is one of the sharpest iPhone screens that we have ever seen. It makes everything look absolutely gorgeous. However, Apple chooses to stick to the IPS LCD panel, instead of applying Super AMOLED. The LCD display is never able to produce true blacks. Moreover, in terms of flexibility and low power consumption, it lags far behind from the AMOLED display. As a result, the company once again fails to outperform the display of the Samsung’s flagship smartphone.

Apple iPhone 7 Review: Camera

The 12-MP rear shooter is capable of taking amazing shots. The larger aperture of f/1.8 lets in plenty of light to the sensor. It results in absolutely stunning photos. Especially in the sunny day, the rear camera performs brilliantly. More specifically, it can outperform the shooter of Galaxy S7. The performance in the low light condition is also much better. However, in such situation, the camera of Samsung’s flagship smartphone is still the real champ. But on the bright side, the iPhone 7 camera comes with several unique features, like the Bokeh background blur effect. The front facing camera comes with an enhanced resolution of 7-MP. It captures selfies with a much better details. The contrast and color look absolutely fantastic. However, sometimes, the background becomes overexposed.

Apple iPhone 7 Review: Performance

The heart of the Apple iPhone 7 is the new A10 processor. It has four cores. Two of them are dedicated to high performance, while the other ones are power efficient. It is incredibly fast. More importantly, it can outperform the Galaxy S7. Its score of 5654 points against 5245 points of Samsung’s flagship phone says it all. The PowerVR GT7600 GPU is more powerful than ever before. It has 50% more cores, which results in the production of stunning graphics. You will be blown away by the graphics of the high-end games.

Apple iPhone 7 Review: Battery

The 61 hour endurance rating clearly shows the improved performance offered by the 2900 mAh battery. Due to the power efficient processor, it can last longer than its predecessor. It can make a day easily. However, the performance is still not up to the mark. It is nowhere near to the performance of the Galaxy S7 battery, which can make two days pretty comfortably.

Apple iPhone 7 Review: The Verdict

The iPhone 7 is the best smartphone that Apple has ever produced. Its stunning rear shooter is one of the main reasons that make it worth your money. In addition, it performs with an incredible pace. It is definitely the right choice for you if you want to upgrade your existing iPhone. However, if you are a power user and need a long lasting battery, it will not be a great option for you.

This is the end of our Apple iPhone 7 review. What is your experience with the device? Share your thoughts by hitting the comment button.

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