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Best Travel Apps for iPhone: 10 Highly Effective iOS Apps that Make Your Trip a Lot Easier

Best Travel Apps for iPhone - Google Trips

There was a time when arranging trips often became very painful. You had to contact with travel agents to book for your flights, hotels and transportations in time. But those days are gone. Now, by having travel apps on your phone, you can do all sorts of travel arrangement by just a few taps. There are a plenty of similar apps in the App Store. But which are the most effective ones? Read this list of the 10 best travel apps for iPhone to find the answer.

Best Travel Apps for iPhone - Skyscanner

Best Travel Apps for iPhone: Skyscanner

From flights to rental cars, you get everything from Skyscanner. It provides you with the best choice in terms of price and facilities. It also gives you the best hotel deals as well. Skyscanner has more airlines agents than most of the other travel apps. As a result, it enables you to see the cheapest days and months to fly. So, by using the app, you can save tons of money.

Best Travel Apps for iPhone - Airbnb

Best Travel Apps for iPhone: Airbnb

There is nothing new to say about Airbnb. It is arguably the most popular accommodation renting app on the planet. You can use it to find all sorts of apartments or houses at any

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10 Best iPhone Keyboard Apps that You will Love to Use in 2018

Best iPhone Keyboard Apps - Thumbly Keyboard

The iPhone lineup has a great reputation for providing the users with the best experience. Thanks to the powerful hardware and wonderfully optimized software. However, it has a downside. The on screen keyboard is not as efficient as Android’s. But thankfully, there are tons of third-party keyboards, which can help you to type more efficiently and comfortably. In this article, you will find 10 best iPhone keyboard apps of this year. Take a look at them.

Best iPhone Keyboard Apps - Thumbly Keyboard

Best iPhone Keyboard Apps: Thumbly Keyboard

Thumbly Keyboard is the most unique keyboard that you can find for the iPhone right now. You no longer need to use your one hand to type. Instead, you have to use only your thumb. Thanks to the placement of the keyboard to the corner of the display. From typing to swiping between letters, you can do everything in one hand, which is really cool.

Best iPhone Keyboard Apps - Phraseboard Keyboard

Best iPhone Keyboard Apps: Phraseboard Keyboard

If you are tired of writing down the same response over and over again, you should definitely consider using Phraseboad Keyboard. It enables you to save response and use it instantly when required. It saves your time significantly and make you more productive. As the responses are saved in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about getting them lost.

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Top 10 iPhone 6 Cases that You Should Seriously Consider Buying

iPhone 6 Cases - iDeal Marble Fashion Case

It has been several years since the iPhone 6 saw its debut. But still, it is one of the hottest smartphones on the market. Thanks to the combination of decent specs and reasonable price tag. If you are an owner of the device, you must get an outstanding case for enhancing the protection. Also, it must look beautiful. It shouldn’t take away the real beauty of the device. There are tons of options on the market. But which are the best ones? Read this article to find 10 best iPhone 6 cases on the market.

iPhone 6 Cases - Mophie Juice Pack Air

iPhone 6 Cases: Mophie Juice Pack Air

Mophie Juice Pack Air comes with the rare combination of stylish design and versatility. It looks and feels awesome. It can also work as a power bank. There is a 2,600 mAh battery, which is significantly larger than the one inside the iPhone 6. In addition, it supports wireless charging. But more importantly, you get everything at a competitive price tag of $18.

iPhone 6 Cases - BENTOBEN iPhone 6 Heavy Duty Shockproof Case

iPhone 6 Cases: BENTOBEN iPhone 6 Heavy Duty Shockproof Case

If you are looking for a rugged option, BENTOBEN iPhone 6 heavy duty shockproof case can be a great choice for

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iOS 11 Problems: 10 Incredibly Frustrating Issues and Their Fixes

iOS 11 Problems - Apps Freezing or Crashing

Whenever Apple releases any software update, problems continue to emerge gradually. There is always an endless loop of bugs. Same thing happens with the iOS 11. Despite releasing several updates, the engineers are still facing a lot of issues. But fortunately, there are some great solutions to most of the iOS 11 problems. You will find all of them in this article.

iOS 11 Problems - Phone Being Ridiculously Slow

iOS 11 Problems: Phone Being Ridiculously Slow

This problem has been specifically occurred in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Apple confessed that it had to slow down the processors in order to preserve more battery juice. Otherwise, the batteries would have performed very poorly. Apple had initiated the battery replacement program for the affected devices. In addition, it has launched a new feature in iOS 11.3, which allows you to disable performance throttling. You can use it to bring a significant boost in overall performance boost.

iOS 11 Problems - Crackling Noise

iOS 11 Problems: Crackling Noise

It is one of the highly debated topics online. Some of the iPhone owners had reported about an irritating crackling noise. It had been generated from the earpiece while making calls. The issue was found only in the latest iPhone models. Apple had fixed it through iOS 11.0.2 update. If you are still facing the problem, make sure that your operating system is updated to the latest version.

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iPad 2018 vs iPad Pro: Which is the best option for you?

iPad 2018 vs iPad Pro - Software

In June 2017, Apple revealed the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Having a large screen, it manages to draw a massive attention worldwide. On the other hand, the 9.7-inch iPad 2018 had been revealed in March 2018. With a sleek design and a sharp display, it quickly becomes one of the hottest tablets on the market. Both of the devices are outstanding. But which is the best one? In this iPad 2018 vs iPad Pro battle, you will find the answer in a detailed way. Let’s take a look at it.

iPad 2018 vs iPad Pro - Design

iPad 2018 vs iPad Pro: Design

Both of the tablets look stunning. In fact, they look pretty much similar. However, there are some differences. The size of iPad is slightly smaller than the iPad Pro. As a result, it is smaller than all aspects, except thickness. So, if you hate thick devices, iPad 2018 will not be a great choice for you. In this case, iPad Pro becomes your best option.

There are also some differences in terms of color options. Both iPad 2018 and iPad Pro are available in space gray, silver and gold. There is also a Rose Gold variant, which is only available for the larger counterpart.

The build quality of both of the tablets are outstanding. They are extremely durable. So, you will not have to worry about getting them easily damaged.

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Apple HomePod News: Market Share Declining Rapidly, Cupertino Company Rumored to Release a New Model to Boost the Sales

Apple HomePod News - Cupertino Company Rumored to Release a New Model to Boost the Sales

The HomePod entered into the market on February 2018. A large number of experts and analysts expected it to generate a massive number of sales. More specifically, they predicted it to outperform Amazon Echo in the global market. However, things turn out to be pretty different in the first two months. According to the latest Apple HomePod news reports, the device is performing very poorly in the highly competitive market of smart speakers. It is no longer considered as a potential hot seller.

Apple HomePod News - Market Share Declining Rapidly

Apple HomePod News: Market Share Declining Rapidly

When HomePod arrived in February, it managed to grab a significant market share of 14 percent. However, after three weeks, it declined massively by 4 percent, as said by Slice Intelligence. On the other hand, Amazon Echo takes over 70 percent market share consistently.

According to unnamed Apple workers, the unsold HomePod units are piling up in the inventory. And if the sale continues to decline, the Cupertino company will be in a huge trouble. In fact, it might trigger one of the major financial losses of the recent time.

But what can be the reason behind the whole situation? Other popular smart speakers, including Amazon Echo and Google Home, can do a lot of things that the typical ones cannot do. For instance, they are able to take your voice command for purchasing foods from the nearby shops. So, all the people expect HomePod to do the same thing. But obviously, it is not capable to do so. As a result, all the consumers are driven away from it.


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Apple Foldable Phone News Loop: Cupertino Company Reveals Patent for Flexible Handset, Experts Questioning the Potential Vulnerability, Might be Launched in 2020

Apple Foldable Phone News Loop - Experts Questioning the Potential Vulnerability

The news and rumors about the Apple foldable phone has been surfacing everywhere. They have created a massive buzz in the smartphone industry. By revealing the patent of a flexible handset, the Cupertino company has intensified the buzz in a great way. A number of reports are claiming that the device would be launched within the next two years. On the other hand, the analysts have expressed their concern about the possible vulnerability. You will find everything in this news loop.

Apple Foldable Phone News Loop - Cupertino Company Reveals Patent for Flexible Handset

Apple Foldable Phone News Loop: Cupertino Company Reveals Patent for Flexible Handset

It has been a long time since the rumor of a flexible Apple phone began surfacing online. However, the Cupertino company always remained silent. But this time, it has revealed a groundbreaking patent of a foldable phone. The filing discusses about a concept where a handset can be folded just like a piece of paper. The two cylinders accommodate all the inflexible components. There is a flexible screen between them, which can be rolled out pretty easily.

The patent is quite unique from the other ones that we have seen from the other smartphone manufacturers. According to Patently Apple, there is a flexible battery behind the foldable screen. It can be folded and rolled out without any issue. It has solved a major issue of adequate space, which has been frustrating the designers for years. So, a new door of opportunities has been opened for not only Apple but for

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Apple Health Tips and Tricks: 6 Ways to Make the Best Use of the Health App

Apple Health Tips and Tricks - Create a Medical ID for Saving Your Life

Back in 2014, Apple introduced its Health app with the iOS 8. Since then, it has undergone through several updates, which have enhanced the overall functionality significantly. As a result, it can go toe to toe with the big names of the health app industry. The software has become incredibly easy to use. However, if you do not know to pull out the tricks effectively, you will face a lot of complications. To help you, we have posted this article on the six best Apple Health tips and tricks. Take a look at them.

Apple Health Tips and Tricks - Create a Medical ID for Saving Your Life

Apple Health Tips and Tricks: Create a Medical ID for Saving Your Life

If you are using the Health app, you must set up a medical ID immediately. It allows you to connect all of your essential information, including heart rate and social security number, to the account. It can be very useful during emergency situations. The doctors and paramedics can look at your health data in the Health app, like diseases, and take the best step for saving your life accordingly. To create the medical ID, launch the Health app and press your finger on “Medical ID.” Tap on “Create Medical ID.” Then fill out all the required fields in the form. You also have the option for choosing emergency contacts. Finally, tap on “Done” and you are good to go.

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HomePod Tips and Tricks: 10 Ways to Make the Most Out of Apple’s Smart Speaker

HomePod Tips and Tricks - Control Speaker from iTunes

Apple has recently revealed its very first smart speaker, called HomePod. It has received a great feedback from different analysts for generating acoustically accurate sound. It utilizes the voice AI Siri to do a lot of things that a typical speaker cannot do, like taking notes and setting the timer. However, it’s always a bit difficult to get familiar with all the features and make the most out of a new device. That’s why, we have crafted this article covering the 10 best HomePod tips and tricks, which you can use to transform yourself from a beginner to a pro. Take a look at them.

HomePod Tips and Tricks - Control Speaker from iTunes

HomePod Tips and Tricks: Control Speaker from iTunes

You can easily control the HomePod from iTunes on your PC. Head to iTunes and select AirPlay button. Then select your HomePod, which will be located at the bottom of the list. Now, you can get access to the smart speaker from your PC. You can easily play the music from iTunes to your HomePod as well as adjust the sound according to your requirement.

HomePod Tips and Tricks - Using as a Phone Loudspeaker

HomePod Tips and Tricks: Using as a Phone Loudspeaker

The HomePod is a smart speaker. But that doesn’t mean that it is unable to perform traditional tasks. For instance, it is able to work as the good old phone loudspeaker.

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iPad Tips and Tricks: 10 Ways to be Transformed into a Pro User and Get the Most Out of the Device

iPad Tips and Tricks - 10 Ways to be Transformed into a Pro User and Get the Most Out of the Device

If you have made the transition from Android tablets to the iPads, you might be not aware of all the cool features the iOS offers. By making the shift, you have enabled yourself to get the access to tons of amazing options, which can take your tablet experience to a whole new level. In this article, you will find 10 iPad tips and tricks that can help you to get the most out of the Apple tablets. Take a look at them.

iPad Tips and Tricks - Use Two Apps Simultaneously at the Home Screen

iPad Tips and Tricks: Use Two Apps Simultaneously at the Home Screen

iPad has a great reputation for having highly productive features. A prime example is the split-screen multitasking option. It allows you to use two different apps at the same time while splitting the display into two equal halves. You just need to swipe in from the right to launch an app in the Slide Over view. Then press on the white handle next to another app of your choice. The two apps will be opened in the split-screen mode. However, the specific feature is limited to iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 or later variants. So, check your model before giving it a try.

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