Best Free Apps that Can Make Your iPhone More Useful in 2019

Best Free Apps for iPhone - Enlight Pixaloop

There are tons of apps on the App Store. The number has gone beyond 2.2 million. Only a fraction of them are worth using regularly and effectively. Also, not all of them are free. So, finding the best free apps on the App Store can be very difficult. To help you, we have published this list of the top 10 highly effective free apps. By using them, you can make your phone more useful. Let’s take a look at them.

Best Free Apps for iPhone - Enlight Pixaloop

Best Free Apps for iPhone: Enlight Pixaloop

Wouldn’t it be nice to see your photos being animated in your phone? Enlight Pixaloop does just that. It allows you to create a path in the area of your photo, which you want to be animated. When you hit the play button, a cinematography will be created. There are tons of features that you can enjoy, including automated moving skies and camera wobble. If you love to be an animated image editing star on social media, Enlight Pixaloop is the best free app for you.

Best Free Apps for iPhone - Retrica

Best Free Apps for iPhone: Retrica

Retrica is one of the best image editing software on the market. It boasts a huge number of filters, including blur and vignette. You can make them to take the look of your image to a whole new level. You can also create multi-shot collages. The app comes with its own social media network. By getting involved there, you can transform yourself into an image editing guru.

Best Free Apps for iPhone - Night Sky

Best Free Apps for iPhone: Night Sky

Night Sky is one of the hottest astronomical apps on the market. Just hold your phone towards the sky. The app will present you celestial bodies in a visually stunning way. The constellations are illustrated beautifully. Night Sky is available for free. However, if you subscribe for the premium version, you will get tons of exciting features, including sky tour.

Best Free Apps for iPhone - Pocket

Best Free Apps for iPhone: Pocket

Pocket helps you to curate your favorite topics from the things that comes to you throughout the day. When browsing, you can share pages to it with a single tap. When you get into the app, with the data connection turned on, the shared content will be downloaded instantly. It will be viewed in a much better and a cleaner layout with respect to your browser. The overall view of the curated content will be really comfortable for your eyes to go through.

Best Free Apps for iPhone - Oak

Best Free Apps for iPhone: Oak

Oak is an amazing meditation app. It helps you to relax your body and mind. It comes with three different features, including meditate, breathe and sleep. You can enjoy soothing background tracks during exercise to bring a complete peace to your mind. If you are interested in meditation, you should definitely try using the app.

Best Free Apps for iPhone - Bandcamp

Best Free Apps for iPhone: Bandcamp

While not being widely known as Apple Music, Bandcamp is one of the best music streaming apps right now. It enables you to explore the vast music collection from all the regions of the world. It comes with a great weekly radio show, called the Bandcamp Weekly. It presents you all the hottest topics and songs of the industry. The design of the app is really cool.

Best Free Apps for iPhone - DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

Best Free Apps for iPhone: DuckDuckGo

With an outstanding feedback rating of 4.8 stars, DuckDuckGo has become one of the best privacy browsers on the market. It allows you to get a complete control over your identity. You can browse the web without revealing your key information. You can get access to the content that is locked in your region. DuckDuckGo also shows the details of the security measures of the websites that you are visiting. Overall, it’s a highly advanced browser that you should seriously consider using to protect your identity.

Best Free Apps for iPhone - Tinycards

Best Free Apps for iPhone: Tinycards

Are you struggling to memorize? You should use Tinycards. The app helps you to memorize everything by utilizing flashcard sets. You will be provided with cards at regular intervals. You have to memorize the details placed on it. Later, the app will challenge you in either question/answer test or multiple choice test. Overall, Tinycards has revolutionized the way of memorizing in a great way.

Best Free Apps for iPhone - Hello Weather

Best Free Apps for iPhone: Hello Weather

Hello Weather comes with an incredibly clean layout. It presents you all the essential information in a simple, but effective way. One of the things that helps the Hello Weather stand out among the crowd is its straightforwardness. It doesn’t irritate you with overloaded ads and meaningless gimmick. It also doesn’t confuse you with the complex interface. Instead, the app offers you the best experience with easy to use interface and colorful themes. But more importantly, it shows all the crucial weather related information in a single screen.

Best Free Apps for iPhone - Citymapper Transit Navigation

Best Free Apps for iPhone: Citymapper Transit Navigation

Citymapper is not available in all the regions of the world. However, you can use it in all the big cities, including New York, London and Paris. It helps you to compare all the options for reaching your destination timely. Also, you get all the car and ride sharing apps all in one place. The app is being updated regularly. As a result, it will remain fresh with new features in the coming years.

This is the end of the list. What do you think about these best free apps? Share your thoughts by hitting the comment button.

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