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HomePod Tips and Tricks: 10 Ways to Make the Most Out of Apple’s Smart Speaker

HomePod Tips and Tricks - Control Speaker from iTunes

Apple has recently revealed its very first smart speaker, called HomePod. It has received a great feedback from different analysts for generating acoustically accurate sound. It utilizes the voice AI Siri to do a lot of things that a typical speaker cannot do, like taking notes and setting the timer. However, it’s always a bit difficult to get familiar with all the features and make the most out of a new device. That’s why, we have crafted this article covering the 10 best HomePod tips and tricks, which you can use to transform yourself from a beginner to a pro. Take a look at them.

HomePod Tips and Tricks - Control Speaker from iTunes

HomePod Tips and Tricks: Control Speaker from iTunes

You can easily control the HomePod from iTunes on your PC. Head to iTunes and select AirPlay button. Then select your HomePod, which will be located at the bottom of the list. Now, you can get access to the smart speaker from your PC. You can easily play the music from iTunes to your HomePod as well as adjust the sound according to your requirement.

HomePod Tips and Tricks - Using as a Phone Loudspeaker

HomePod Tips and Tricks: Using as a Phone Loudspeaker

The HomePod is a smart speaker. But that doesn’t mean that it is unable to perform traditional tasks. For instance, it is able to work as the good old phone loudspeaker.

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