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iOS 11 Update: 11.2.2 Continues to Make the iPhones Incredibly Underperforming

iOS 11 Update - Should you install 11.2.2 in your device

A few days ago, Apple revealed a new iOS 11 update, called 11.2.2. It fixes several important issues, including Spectre, one of the most dangerous chip vulnerabilities of the recent time. The Cupertino company was in a rush to release it, as the severity of the issue was really high. However, the rush workflow often results in the emergence of even more issues. Same thing happens to the iOS 11.2.2. After installing the latest update, a lot of users are struggling with an incredibly sluggish performance.

iOS 11 Update - Underperforming iPhones Irritating the Users

iOS 11 Update: Underperforming iPhones Irritating the Users

While releasing the iOS 11.2.2, Apple said that the update will be packed with amazing secret features. The company also said that there would be nasty surprises. The latter statement is making the headline right now in an unexpected fashion. Since the release of the update, a number of users have reported that their iPhones and the iPads had been delivering an unusually slow performance. They had submitted the benchmark test results, which show that the devices are underperforming by a massive 50% margin.

Melvin Mughal, a software developer, had run the benchmark tests in his iPhone 6. After running 30 single-core and multi-core tests, he was completely stunned by the massive drop of performance. After being updated with the iOS 11.2.2, the pace of his iPhone 6 fell by 39% – 40%, which is really incredible. Before releasing the update, Apple said that some of the users might experience a performance drop in certain conditions. It also said that the

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