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iPhone XR Review: A High-Performance Phone with a Relatively Cheaper Price Tag

iPhone XR Review - Display

iPhone XR saw its debut in 2018. However, it was not launched with the iPhone XS and the XS Max simultaneously. The revelation was a bit delayed, which created a mystery around. During the debut, the iPhone XR was tagged with $749. While the price was lower than the two counterparts, it was still not affordable for most of the Apple lovers. But with the recent launch of iPhone 11, the price has been dropped to $599. As a result, it has become more affordable than ever before. But can it make the best use of your hard earned money? Read this iPhone XR review to find the detailed answer.

iPhone XR Review: Design

iPhone XR Review: Design

The design of the iPhone XR is pretty similar to the predecessor. It looks really elegant. The rounded edges look really cool. It feels really smooth to touch them. The iconic home button is no longer there. But on the bright side, its disappearance has turned the iPhone XR into an amazing looking phone with the all-screen front.

The rear of the iPhone XR looks stunning. Instead of the stainless steel, it comes with the metal glass back, which delivers a premium feeling. The glass back is available in black, white, blue, yellow, coral and red. The hues have color matched aluminum bands. They blend together with the rear smoothly, creating an eye catching look. For these reasons, Apple has been admired in the iPhone XR reviews of all the top online publications.

There are some differences between the iPhone XR and iPhone XS. The bezels around the iPhone XR display are slightly thicker than the

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iPhone Latest News: Apple to Transfer Veteran’s Medical Records to the iPhone, iPhone XR Manages to Generate a Massive Sale During 11.11 Holiday

iPhone Latest News - Apple to Transfer Veteran’s Medical Records to the iPhone

Apple has been planning to extend the application of its iPhone lineup for the US veterans. Recently, it has begun talks about offering the veterans the access to electronic medical records on its smartphones. On the other hand, the new iPhone XR sees a massive sale in China during the 11.11 holiday. But does it make the analysts to change their prediction about seeing a low number of iPhone being produced? You will find all the details in the iPhone latest news report.

iPhone Latest News - Apple to Transfer Veteran’s Medical Records to the iPhone

iPhone Latest News: Apple to Transfer Veteran’s Medical Records to the iPhone

Recently, Apple has started a conversation with the Department of Veterans Affairs about using its smartphone for keeping the medical records. The Cupertino company has been planning to create a special software. It will enable the veterans to transfer their medical data to the iPhones.

The name of the software hasn’t been revealed yet. However, it is rumored to be known as Health Records. No further information about the features of the specific tool hasn’t been found yet.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Department of Veterans Affairs is willing to digitalize the medical record of nine million veterans for portability. And it’s quite normal for the organization to reach to Apple for establishing its project, as it’s one of the world’s best tech companies of the world.

The partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs will be very significant for Apple. It will enable the Cupertino company to get a strong access

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