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iPhone XS Problems: Biggest Issues and Solutions for Apple’s Latest Smartphone

iPhone XS Problems - Internet Speed being Ridiculously Slow

iPhone XS is Apple’s newest smartphone. It comes with a number of major upgrades, including sharper OLED display, more powerful A12 Bionic processor and more stunning shooters. However, the device has been affected with several issues. They have hampered the user experience significantly. A number of owners have reported about charging problem. There are also complaints about data speed. You will find all the latest iPhone XS problems, along with the possible fixes, right here in this article.

iPhone XS Problems - Chargegate

iPhone XS Problems: Chargegate

A number of owners are having an issue with charging their iPhone XS. If the displays are off, they can’t find any way to top up their devices. Some of the users manage to fix the issue by waking the screen up. However, fortunately, there is a permanent fix for the issue. You just need to update the operating system to iOS 12.1. The issue will go forever. You can get it by navigating through Settings > General > Software Update.

iPhone XS Problems - Internet Speed being Ridiculously Slow

iPhone XS Problems: Internet Speed being Ridiculously Slow

Some of the users have experienced a ridiculously sluggish internet speed in their iPhone XS. The pace of data and Wi-Fi are significantly slower than expected. You can fix the issue by resetting the network. Navigate through Settings >

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