10 of the Best Free Music Apps to Listen to Songs on Your iPhone

#1 in Our Best Free Music Apps - Spotify Music

Music apps enable you to enjoy tons of music anywhere at any place. There are tons of options available for finding, streaming and enjoying your favorite music on your phone. In fact, there is a plenty of free music apps, which come with amazing features. But which are the best ones? Take a look at this list to find the answer.

#10 in Our Best Free Music Apps - Slacker Radio

#10 in Our Best Free Music Apps: Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is an awesome free music app. It comes with hundreds of radio stations of all genres. So, you have a plenty of songs to enjoy. You can create custom stations with respect to your favorite artists or songs. You can make further customization to align with your taste further. The app is available in both free and paid version. The free version limits you to 6 songs per hour. However, if you want to skip the restriction, you can go for the paid version at $3.99 per month. It will also offer you several cool features, including customized ESPN Radio and the ability to listen offline.

#9 in Our Best Free Music Apps - Red Bull Radio

#9 in Our Best Free Music Apps: Red Bull Radio

Red Bull Radio is one of the world’s largest beverage companies. It has brought its own radio app for the music fans. It features live radio, along with amazing genre specific channels. The app also features exclusive live streams from the major music venues around the world. Being free, Red Bull Radio lacks several key features, including downloading songs for offline listening. Nonetheless, it’s a great app among the other free options.

#8 in Our Best Free Music Apps - Deezer

#8 in Our Best Free Music Apps: Deezer

Deezer comes with a gigantic collection of 53 million soundtracks. So, it will be literally impossible to listen to all of them in your lifetime. However, the app creates customized playlist based on your preferred music. Thanks to Deezer Flow, which is considered as the best music matchmaker on the market. So, you will definitely get the opportunity to enjoy the greatest hits of your favorite type.

#7 in Our Best Free Music Apps - SoundCloud

#7 in Our Best Free Music Apps: SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an amazing app for discovering new artists and their awesome soundtracks. It allows the musicians to release their new tracks without signing any contract. You can also connect to the other music fans around the world. Overall, SoundCloud is a great place for making new friends and finding new artists. The design of the app is simple. But it looks really cool.

#6 in Our Best Free Music Apps - Pandora Radio

#6 in Our Best Free Music Apps: Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is one of the best music apps of all time. Thanks to the inclusion of easy-to-use interface and great features. Just enter the name of your favorite artist or song. The app will present you with the relevant stations accordingly. You can refine the station by hitting the thumbs up or down buttons. Pandora Radio is available in both free and paid versions. In the free version, you are forced to listen to the ads. The number of times you can skip songs per hour is also limited.

#5 in Our Best Free Music Apps - Google Play Music

#5 in Our Best Free Music Apps: Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a versatile music app. You can use it to upload your favorite songs in the cloud through your Google account. You can enjoy them later without downloading. You can save up to 50,000 songs. The radio style playlist is really unique. It plays music according to your mood. It also supports unlimited music steaming service. All these things have made Google Play Music a complete app for the music lovers.

#4 in Our Best Free Music Apps - Amazon Music

#4 in Our Best Free Music Apps: Amazon Music

Amazon Music allows you to enjoy a huge number of songs. It supports 2 million songs. So, you will have tons of content to enjoy. There is also tons of radio stations. If you spend $9.99/month, you will get even more content. You will get access to tens of millions of songs, which is incredible. The cool thing about the app is it’s add free, even if you are a free user. Overall, it’s one of the best free music apps on the market.

#3 in Our Best Free Music Apps - iHeart Radio

#3 in Our Best Free Music Apps: iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio comes with a massive collection of radio stations around the world. Whether you are a fan of comedy, sports or politics, you will find stations specialized in all sorts of areas. There are some good podcasts as well. The most unique feature of the app is Playlist Radio. It creates new playlists based on the one you pick up. The app adds similar songs with respect to the chosen one automatically in the library. After saving the result, you can enjoy them whenever you want.

#2 in Our Best Free Music Apps - Apple Music

#2 in Our Best Free Music Apps: Apple Music

Apple’s Music takes the 2nd spot on our list. It comes preloaded every iPhone. However, to unlock its true power, you have to subscribe for the music streaming service for $10/month. It will allow you to get the full access to the entire iTunes store. You can do a plenty of things, including downloading songs for offline listening and sharing playlists. Apple Music also supports Beats 1 radio station. It offers you exciting programs from the most popular DJs and musicians.

#1 in Our Best Free Music Apps - Spotify Music

#1 in Our Best Free Music Apps: Spotify Music

The no. 1 spot of our list goes to Spotify Music. In 2018, the app has gone through several major changes, including new design. Even if you have subscribed to the free service, you can hear any music you want at any time. The restriction to the shuffle mode has been lifted for the free users. It asks you about your favorite artists and create recommendations accordingly. All these things have made Spotify Music the no. 1 music app right now.

This is the end of our list. What do you think about these free music apps? Share your thoughts by hitting the comment button.

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