HomePod Tips and Tricks: 10 Ways to Make the Most Out of Apple’s Smart Speaker

HomePod Tips and Tricks - Control Speaker from iTunes

Apple has recently revealed its very first smart speaker, called HomePod. It has received a great feedback from different analysts for generating acoustically accurate sound. It utilizes the voice AI Siri to do a lot of things that a typical speaker cannot do, like taking notes and setting the timer. However, it’s always a bit difficult to get familiar with all the features and make the most out of a new device. That’s why, we have crafted this article covering the 10 best HomePod tips and tricks, which you can use to transform yourself from a beginner to a pro. Take a look at them.

HomePod Tips and Tricks - Control Speaker from iTunes

HomePod Tips and Tricks: Control Speaker from iTunes

You can easily control the HomePod from iTunes on your PC. Head to iTunes and select AirPlay button. Then select your HomePod, which will be located at the bottom of the list. Now, you can get access to the smart speaker from your PC. You can easily play the music from iTunes to your HomePod as well as adjust the sound according to your requirement.

HomePod Tips and Tricks - Using as a Phone Loudspeaker

HomePod Tips and Tricks: Using as a Phone Loudspeaker

The HomePod is a smart speaker. But that doesn’t mean that it is unable to perform traditional tasks. For instance, it is able to work as the good old phone loudspeaker. Whenever a call comes in, choose HomePod from the audio choice in the Phone app, provided that it is being connected to the iPhone. If you want to make everyone hear what your six months nephew is screaming (!), it can be a pretty handy option for you.

HomePod Tips and Tricks - Identify the Music Playing on the Radio

HomePod Tips and Tricks: Identify the Music Playing on the Radio

Everyone knows that Siri is able to detect the title and the artist whenever a song is being played on the iDevice. But what you might know is the Voice AI’s ability to identify the same things while you are listening a music through your HomePod. Just tell Siri, “Hey Siri, Shazam this.” It will immediately identify the radio song. However, don’t tell the voice AI “Hey Siri, what song is this?” just like you do with your iPhone. It will not work with the HomePod.

HomePod Tips and Tricks - Find Great Restaurants

HomePod Tips and Tricks: Find Great Restaurants

If you compare HomePod with Alexa and Google Assistant, you will find that it is lagging behind in most of the areas right now. However, there is an area where Apple’s smart speaker manages to outsmart the competitors. It is finding great nearby restaurants. Just ask Siri, “Find a great burger shop near me.” The voice AI will recommend you the best eateries based on reviews. It will also tell you the distance and the stars it received from the Yelp users. This type of feature has made HomePod more useful than the other devices on the market.

HomePod Tips and Tricks - Prevent Explicit Content to Reach to Your Kids

HomePod Tips and Tricks: Prevent Explicit Content to Reach to Your Kids

If you are listening to a new music, while not being aware about the inclusion of explicit content, you can use an option for disabling them to reach to your kids. Just head to Settings and toggle “Allow Explicit Content” button off. It will eliminate all the possibilities of being in an awkward position while the speaker is playing music in an open, family-friendly space.

HomePod Tips and Tricks - Get Reminded about a Forgotten Tune

HomePod Tips and Tricks: Get Reminded about a Forgotten Tune

If you forget the name of cool songs, HomePod can be very helpful for you. It is able to find you the song that you are looking for. For instance, you have forgotten the name of Bruno Mars’ first album, called “Doo-Wops & Hooligans.” You can easily find it by saying “Play Bruno Mars’ first album.” The artist’s first songs will begin to play instantly. It’s an incredibly useful feature for all the music lovers. If you are passionate about songs, but often forgets the title, you will love to use HomePod.

HomePod Tips and Tricks - Play Music Based on Your Mood

HomePod Tips and Tricks: Play Music Based on Your Mood

Here is another useful feature for the music lovers. The HomePod is able to play the songs with respect to your mood. If you are saddened by any issue and want to listen to a music that will reduce your pain, you can tell the device to play a soothing song. It will take the advantage of Apple Music’s curated playlist with respect to moods to present you with an incredibly pleasant music. HomePod is also able to play music based on your activities. For example, if you are going to sleep, tell the device to play the bedtime music. The specific feature might sound funny. But it is incredibly useful.

HomePod Tips and Tricks - Fix Inconsistent Volume Level

HomePod Tips and Tricks: Fix Inconsistent Volume Level

Nowadays, it’s really common for a playlist to have songs with an inconsistent level of sound, which is very irritating. To help you to get rid of this issue, Apple has included a very useful feature for avoiding inconsistent sound levels. Head to HomePod settings in the Home app. You will find an option, called “Sound Check.” You will see a switch beside it. Toggle it on to activate the feature. From now on, HomePod will adjust the sound to the optimal level automatically.

HomePod Tips and Tricks - Resume Playing Music from Where You Left Off

HomePod Tips and Tricks: Resume Playing Music from Where You Left Off

If you have to stop listening to music due to some unavoidable circumstances, you have always the chance to resume playing it. In fact, you can pick the song up from where you left off. In HomePod, stopping a music doesn’t mean that it is being ceased instantly. Instead, it means pause. So, just like any other music players, you can easily resume listening to the music from the very last point. You just have to tell Siri to play it.

HomePod Tips and Tricks - Stream Third Party Music Services

HomePod Tips and Tricks: Stream Third Party Music Services

Being an Apple device, the HomePod is able to play music from all the services of the Cupertino company, including Apple Music and iTunes Store. In addition, it is able to stream third party music services, including Spotify and Pandora. The HomePod is able to work as an AirPlay speaker. So, you can easily play any audio using it from your iDevices. If you are using an iPhone or an iPad, head to control center and then to “Now Playing” widget. Then tap on the little wave icon. The audio output screen will be displayed. Tap on “HomePod”. Now, you can stream any content from your favorite music service to the smart speaker.

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