iOS 11 Problems: 10 Incredibly Frustrating Issues and Their Fixes

iOS 11 Problems - Apps Freezing or Crashing

Whenever Apple releases any software update, problems continue to emerge gradually. There is always an endless loop of bugs. Same thing happens with the iOS 11. Despite releasing several updates, the engineers are still facing a lot of issues. But fortunately, there are some great solutions to most of the iOS 11 problems. You will find all of them in this article.

iOS 11 Problems - Phone Being Ridiculously Slow

iOS 11 Problems: Phone Being Ridiculously Slow

This problem has been specifically occurred in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Apple confessed that it had to slow down the processors in order to preserve more battery juice. Otherwise, the batteries would have performed very poorly. Apple had initiated the battery replacement program for the affected devices. In addition, it has launched a new feature in iOS 11.3, which allows you to disable performance throttling. You can use it to bring a significant boost in overall performance boost.

iOS 11 Problems - Crackling Noise

iOS 11 Problems: Crackling Noise

It is one of the highly debated topics online. Some of the iPhone owners had reported about an irritating crackling noise. It had been generated from the earpiece while making calls. The issue was found only in the latest iPhone models. Apple had fixed it through iOS 11.0.2 update. If you are still facing the problem, make sure that your operating system is updated to the latest version.

iOS 11 Problems - Notifications and Messages Invisible in Lock Screen

iOS 11 Problems: Notifications and Messages Invisible in Lock Screen

There are several reports regarding this issue. Some users have complained that they are no longer seeing notifications and text messages on the lock screen. If you are one of them, navigate through Settings > Notifications > Messages. Then toggle on Show as Banners and press your finger on Persistent. Now, you will see notifications and messages on the lock screen as usual.

iOS 11 Problems - Battery Draining Rapidly

iOS 11 Problems: Battery Draining Rapidly

This is a very common problem. If you are affected with it, try restarting devices and disable widgets. Activating low power mode also works as a great solution. If it doesn’t work, disable Raise to Wake feature and deactivate Raise to Wake option. If it still doesn’t pay off, you have to reset all the settings. You can do it by navigating through Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings > Enter your passcode.

iOS 11 Problems - Touch ID Not Working

iOS 11 Problems: Touch ID Not Working

A large number of iPhone 6S users have complained that the Touch ID is not working. However, solving this issue is pretty easy. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. Check whether your iPhone Unlock or iTunes & App Store settings are toggled on or not. Then ensure if the fingerprint is really enrolled. If it’s the case, use a different fingerprint from the existing one. You can also fix the issue by deleting the existing Touch ID fingerprint and creating a new one.

iOS 11 Problems - Battery Charging Very Slowly

iOS 11 Problems: Battery Charging Very Slowly

This is another common problem for all iOS updates. After upgrading the operating system to iOS 11, a number of users experienced an unusually poor battery performance. In order to solve this issue, you need to use the Low Power Mode. Also, try reducing display brightness. But more importantly, continue looking for more software updates, as the developers change the codes gradually to optimize everything with the battery.

iOS 11 Problems - Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Issues

iOS 11 Problems: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Issues

Apple has introduced a new control center in iOS 11. It has a number of changes. For example, the toggle switch for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth doesn’t activate the specific options. It is only used for disconnecting the devices from those networks. To activate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, head to Settings and toggle the switches beside the particular options.

iOS 11 Problems - Apps Freezing or Crashing

iOS 11 Problems: Apps Freezing or Crashing

There are numerous complains about apps freezing or crashing in iOS 11. For most of the users, uninstalling and reinstalling the apps fix the issue. But if it doesn’t work, you have to wait for Apple’s next software update.

iOS 11 Problems - Battery Status Indicator being Invisible

iOS 11 Problems: Battery Status Indicator being Invisible

After installing iOS 11.2.6, the users find that the battery status indicator has disappeared. As a result, it has become quite difficult for them to see the amount of charge left in the iPhones. Right now, there is no actual solution. So, you have to wait for a software update. However, you can see the battery status indicator by navigating through Settings > Battery.

iOS 11 Problems - Wrong Calculation

iOS 11 Problems: Wrong Calculation

This is probably the strangest iOS 11 problem. Sometimes, the Calculator fails to deliver the correct result, which is really frustrating. It happens due to the inability to register key presses fast enough. Right now, there is no actual solution. The only thing you can do is waiting for Apple to bring a software update.

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