iOS 11 Update: 11.2.2 Continues to Make the iPhones Incredibly Underperforming

iOS 11 Update - Should you install 11.2.2 in your device

A few days ago, Apple revealed a new iOS 11 update, called 11.2.2. It fixes several important issues, including Spectre, one of the most dangerous chip vulnerabilities of the recent time. The Cupertino company was in a rush to release it, as the severity of the issue was really high. However, the rush workflow often results in the emergence of even more issues. Same thing happens to the iOS 11.2.2. After installing the latest update, a lot of users are struggling with an incredibly sluggish performance.

iOS 11 Update - Underperforming iPhones Irritating the Users

iOS 11 Update: Underperforming iPhones Irritating the Users

While releasing the iOS 11.2.2, Apple said that the update will be packed with amazing secret features. The company also said that there would be nasty surprises. The latter statement is making the headline right now in an unexpected fashion. Since the release of the update, a number of users have reported that their iPhones and the iPads had been delivering an unusually slow performance. They had submitted the benchmark test results, which show that the devices are underperforming by a massive 50% margin.

Melvin Mughal, a software developer, had run the benchmark tests in his iPhone 6. After running 30 single-core and multi-core tests, he was completely stunned by the massive drop of performance. After being updated with the iOS 11.2.2, the pace of his iPhone 6 fell by 39% – 40%, which is really incredible. Before releasing the update, Apple said that some of the users might experience a performance drop in certain conditions. It also said that the iDevices would underperform by 2.5% (maximum). But the company never said that there would be such a staggering performance drop.

But what can be the reason behind it? As stated earlier, Spectre is one of the most serious issues of the recent time. It is affecting almost all the platforms around the world. To mitigate it, the processors of the iDevices are required to run several new system software in the background. Apple calculated a minimal amount of CPU power to run the process. However, it is clear that the engineers have been facing a major issue to complete the procedure accordingly. The new update seems to trigger several internal flaws in the iOS 11, which were previously unexposed. And Apple has been working incredibly hard to find a solution. Experts have said that it will take a number of patch releases to fix the issue completely.

However, there are some users who have been benefitted by the iOS 11.2.2. After getting the latest iOS 11 update in their devices, they have noticed a significant performance boost. The benchmark test results of their devices justify the claim. However, the number of those fortunate users is too little in comparison with the affected ones.

iOS 11 Update - Should you install 11.2.2 in your device

iOS 11 Update: Should you install 11.2.2 in your device?

While irritating in many ways, the iOS 11.2.2 is the most important software update for quite some time. In addition to the Spectrum, it comes with the fix for another major security flaw, called Meltdown. Both of the bugs enable the hackers to get access to your sensitive information. So, it’s definitely mandatory for most of the users to install it in their devices.

However, if your device is running through iOS 10, we strongly suggest you to hold the installation of the new iOS 11 update. The older operating system is more stable in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is delivering an incredibly smooth performance. As the iOS 11.2.2 is making a huge number of devices underperforming, it will definitely be a much better move to stick to the stable version. However, if you have already installed any version of the iOS 11 in your device, you should definitely go for the new update. There is nothing to lose for you, except the performance.

We also strongly suggest the jailbreakers to not install the iOS 11.2.2. It prevents you from installing all those cool apps that haven’t been approved by the Cupertino company. It might irritate the committed breakers. But right now, it’s the best way for Apple to reduce the security exploit.

Apple has already begun working on the development of the next update. The 11.2.5 is expected to be released either in the last part of January or in the beginning of February. So, if you do not keep sensitive information in your device, you might wait a few days and get it in your device, rather than installing the latest iOS 11 update and getting frustrated with the seriously sluggish performance.

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