iPhone 11 Release Date, Price and Specs: Everything You Need to Know About the Next-Gen Apple Smartphone

iPhone 11 Release Date - Late September

Will Apple set the iPhone 11 release date in September once again? With the iPhone’s traditional Fall release date a few months away, the excitement of seeing the launch of the new handset has already reached a whole new level. The recent reports about the inclusion of several new features have spiced up everything even more. Apple is rumored to release three new iPhones once again. They will be known as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R. All of them is expected to feature the new A13 processor, which will be incredibly powerful. Its neural engine could be 3 to 5 times faster than the predecessor. The cameras will come with a number of innovative features. The Smart Frame option will enable you to fix your ruined shots. Also, the battery will see a massive improvement. Its capacity could increase by 20 to 25 percent. In this article, you will find all the details about the iPhone 11 release date, price and specs. Now, let’s dive in.

iPhone 11 Release Date - Late September

iPhone 11 Release Date: Late September

Last year, Apple launched the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR on September 18. The preorders for the first two models began on September 14. However, they were released into the market on September 21. On the other hand, iPhone XR was available for preorder on October 19. It went on sale a week later.

If Apple follows the same pattern, the iPhone 11 release date is very likely to fall in late September 2020. More specifically, it can go on sale on September 20. However, the announcement is rumored to be made on September 10. If it really happens, Apple is very likely to begin taking preorders on September 13.

The iPhone 11 release date of late September has already been claimed by the leakster Evan Blass. He tweeted a screenshot of the 2019 Verizon Marketing Calendar.

2019 Verizon Marketing Calendar Revealing iPhone 11 Release Date

As you can see, the screenshot reveals the launch dates of this year’s biggest smartphone releases. But more importantly, it suggested about the iPhone 11 release date being set in the late September.

iPhone 11 Price $999

iPhone 11 Price: $999

The current generation iPhone costs a lot. The iPhone XS starts at $999. The previous mode, iPhone X, had also been tagged with the same price. And there is no possibility of seeing the next-gen model to arrive with a lowered price.

However, Apple’s smartphone lineup hasn’t managed to generate the desire number of sales. For this reason, there is a possibility of iPhone 11 retaining the same price tag as its predecessor. While it certainly doesn’t make the device affordable, a lot of old iPhone users, like iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, might opt to upgrade their handset with 2019’s new iPhone, rather than the iPhone XS or XS Max.

iPhone 11 Design - Smaller or Larger Notch, Frosted Glass Casing and More

iPhone 11 Design: Smaller/Larger Notch, Frosted Glass Casing and More

iPhone 11 will have a design that is quite similar to the current generation model. You will still see the notch on the front. However, the size might decrease. Back in January, ETNews reported about Apple’s plan of combining front-facing camera and Face ID components, which will shrink the notch.

However, there are also several reports pointing to the enhanced notch size. Recently, SlashLeaks has posted photos of the iPhone 11 CAD images. It indicates that the device is very likely to have the widest notch among all the premium phones of this year.

iPhone 11 CAD Images

Despite having the same look, iPhone 11 will have some design changes. According to Ming Chi Kuo, the famous analyst with a great track record of predicting features of future iDevices, there will be two substantial design changes. He claims that the color of the area around the rear camera lens and the back of the phone will be identical. He also claims that a small round toggle will replace the standard iPhone mute switch.

However, according to Kuo, the biggest design change will take place in the rear. He claims that the iPhone 11 will have a frosted glass casing, giving you a premium feeling. When you put your fingers over the case, you will feel that it’s the softest hard surface that you have ever touched. Google has already used a similar type of casing in its Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones.

Speaking of colors, the iPhone 11R will arrive two never-to-be-seen-before options, including new lavender and green shades. Apple will drop the coral and blue colors of the current generation iPhone XR. There will be four more color options: black, white, yellow and RED (Product), as suggested by Mac Otakara in May 2019.

A week later, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman tweeted the picture of the new shades.

The tweet has further strengthened Mac Otakara’s claim. Also, it confirms that there will be no blue and coral options.

iPhone 11 Display - Larger Screen Supporting 3x OLED Technology

iPhone 11 Display: Larger Screen Supporting 3x OLED Technology

Similar to the last year, Apple will bring three new iPhone with different display sizes. They will be known as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R. According to several reports, they will retain the sizes of their predecessors. However, Mac Otakara, a Japanese website, claims that the iPhone 11 will have a bit larger display size (6.1-inch) than the iPhone XS (5.8-inch). But the screen size of iPhone 11 Max is said to remain unchanged.

All the new iPhones will feature Retina displays. According to 9to5Mac, the successors of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, codenamed D42 and D43 respectively, will come with 3x OLED Retina screen. So, the device will be able to deliver an even sharper view. On the other hand, the iPhone 11R, codenamed N104, will retain the 2x Liquid Display.

iPhone 11 Camera - Triple Camera Setup, Wide Angle Lens and Upgraded Selfie Shooter

iPhone 11 Camera: Triple Camera Setup, Wide Angle Lens and Upgraded Selfie Shooter

Most of the reports are pointing to the inclusion of the triple camera setup on the iPhone 11. Back in January 2019, leakster OnLeaks revealed the render of the iPhone 11. It showed a square camera unit housing three non-linearly aligned lenses.

Tipster IceUniverse confirmed that the renders are indeed correct.

However, the square camera unit has already become a bit controversial due to its boxy, asymmetrical nature. Not everybody will like its look. But on the bright side, one of these three lenses will be a wide angle, as claimed by Mac Rumors. It’s the very first time that an iPhone will come with the specific feature. But more interestingly, it will have some highly advanced options. For instance, the lens will enable you to fix the already taken shot by adding subjects that had gone out of the frame. Thanks to the inclusion of a new feature, which will be known as Smart Frame.

It’s not surprising to see Apple equipping multi-sensor cameras in the next-gen iPhone. Major Android phone manufacturers have already adopted the technology in their flagship phones, like Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30 Pro. The Cupertino must equip the iPhone 11 camera with better features than their rivals to survive the intense competition.

The megapixel range selfie shooter will also see an upgrade. According to Kuo, the 2019 iPhones will feature a 12-MP front camera. It’s a significant upgrade from the 7-MP front shooter of the current generation iPhone XS. So, you will be able to take more stunning selfies than ever before. It will feature several advanced features, including the ability to record slow-mo videos at 120 fps.

iPhone 11 Hardware – A13 Processor, New Neural Engine and Increased Base Storage

iPhone 11 Hardware – A13 Processor, New Neural Engine and Increased Base Storage

iPhone 11 will certainly be powered by the new A13 CPU. It will be significantly more powerful than the A12 processor. However, the actual rate of enhanced performance is still unknown. But it is very likely to score between 12,200 to 12,500 points in the Geekbench 4 (multicore) test, as the individual cores will get faster. The current generation iPhone XS had scored 11472 points in the same test.

The A13 chip will also deliver an enhanced graphics performance. The built-in GPU is expected to score around 4,500 points in the 3DMark Sling Shot Extreme Unlimited benchmark test. So, you will be able to play games with a stunning graphics and an incredibly smooth FPS rate. Right now, the iPhone XS has managed to score 4,199 points in the same test.

The Neural Engine of last year’s A12 chip saw a massive enhancement. It is 8 times faster than the A11 in terms of the number of operations performed per second. The recent reports are claiming that the Neural Engine of the A13 will be more powerful. In fact, it can achieve 3x to 5x improvement with several smart design changes.

The A13 chip entered into the production in May. It has been manufactured by Apple’s long time manufacturing partner TSMC. It is rumored to be built on the 7nm+ package with extreme ultraviolet lithography.

There will be no upgrade to RAM capacity. The iPhone 11 will retain the 4 GB RAM, as stated by Kuo. However, the base internal storage is rumored to be increased. According to Slashleaks contributor Sudhnashu Ambhore, the iPhone 11 will come with 128 GB of base storage.

The current generation iPhone XS starts with 64 GB of internal storage. So, it’s a big jump for the iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 Battery and Charging – Significantly Larger Battery Supporting Two Way Qi Wireless Charging

iPhone 11 Battery and Charging – Significantly Larger Battery Supporting Two Way Qi Wireless Charging

Apple always struggles to keep up with the Android smartphone manufacturers in terms of battery performance. However, this year, the Cupertino is expected to use a significantly larger battery to make the iPhone 11 last longer.

According to Kuo, the battery capacity of the iPhone 11 Max could increase by 10 to 15 percent. Also, the capacity of the standard iPhone 11 model could see a massive improvement of 20 to 25 percent. As a result, it could last 4 hours longer than the current generation iPhone XS.

However, the battery of the iPhone 11R will not receive a significant upgrade. Kuo claims that its capacity will increase by 0 to 5 percent.

Kuo doesn’t mention the exact capacity. However, according to IT Houses, a Chinese website, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will have 3322 mAh and 3650 mAh batteries respectively. On the other hand, the iPhone 11R will have a 3110 mAh battery.

The iPhone 11 is rumored to support two way Qi wireless charging. So, you can charge the AirPods 2 or another Qi-based iPhone with the wireless charging case.

Apple had shifted from Lightning to USB-C charging for the iPad Pro last year. However, it’s not going to do the same thing for the iPhone 11. Kuo doesn’t believe that the switch to the complete USB-C charging solution will take place in this year.

iPhone 11 Software - iOS 13, Dark Mode, Optimized Battery Charging and More

iPhone 11 Software: iOS 13, Dark Mode, Optimized Battery Charging and More

iPhone 11 will be the very first Apple device to run through the new iOS 13. It comes with a number of amazing features, including the new Dark Mode. It’s really useful in the low light environment. It makes everything easier on your eyes in the dark room.

The optimization trend, which was introduced with the iOS 12, will continue in iOS 13. As a result, all the apps will run at a faster pace in the iPhone 11. The app launch time will be two times faster. The download size will be reduced by 50 percent (maximum). But more importantly, you can download apps of any size over LTE. So, you no longer have to connect to Wi-Fi all the time to get your favorite app on your device. Also, the software optimization will enable Face ID to operate 30 times faster.

Optimized battery charging is another cool feature. It prolongs the battery life by learning your charging habits and prevents the device from being topped up to 100% immediately. When you top up the phone overnight, the technology will keep the battery at 80% most of the night. It finishes off the remaining 20% charge just before the alarm turns off.

There will be several mind blowing features for gaming. One of the most significant options is the native support for both PlayStation Dualshock 4 controller. With Sony’s Remote Play app already available on the App Store, the iPhone 11 will turn into a mobile PS4. The smartphone will also offer native support for the Bluetooth enabled Xbox controller. While being a lesser known feature and not covered much by the popular publication, the feature will transform the iPhone 11 into a complete gaming beast.

iPhone 11 Features – Enhanced Wi-Fi, Sony’s New 3D Sensor, Apple Pencil Support and More

iPhone 11 Features – Enhanced Wi-Fi, Sony’s New 3D Sensor, Apple Pencil Support and More

iPhone 11 will feature super-fast Wi-Fi. Thanks to the inclusion of the latest Wi-Fi 802.11 ax standard (also known as Wi-Fi 6). It will deliver 4 times faster performance in crowded areas. It will also offer 40% higher data speed.

However, the iPhone 11 will not feature the 5G. Apple is very likely to wait for the settlement of mobile network connection standards. So, you will have to wait at least one more year to see 5G in Apple’s smartphone lineup. Back in December 2018, Bloomberg had claimed the same thing.

The iPhone 11 display is rumored to be waterproof. As a result, you will be able to use it in the rain. The iPhone XS is water resistant. But it’s not easy to use when the rain is dripping down the display.

The camera can be waterproof as well, as suggested by a patent. It discusses a technology to optimize images under water by utilizing AI. The AI will help the iPhone to determine whether it is under water or not and adjust the settings accordingly.

The iPhone 11 could be packing Sony’s new 3D sensors. It can provide a number of benefits, including speedier face recognition and better depth effects for the shots, Also, it can offer a number of amazing 3D modelling options, which can be very useful for developing highly advanced Augmented Reality (AR) apps.

There will be several highly advanced features in the next-gen iPhone. One of them is sub-epidermal scanning. The technology will utilize IR to scan the blood and veins in your face and determine whether you are authorized to unlock the device or not.

Another cool feature has been revealed by a patent. It discusses a technology, called the Systems and Methods for Environmental Sensing, which monitors chemicals in the air. It will enable the device to smell odors. It will also help the iPhone or Apple Watch to detect Carbon Monoxide or air pollution.

The iPhone 11 might support input from Apple Pencil. Right now, the stylus pen works only with the iPads. It doesn’t work with the current generation iPhones.

The new iPhone will come with dual Bluetooth audio support, as claimed by Mac Otakara. So, you will be able to send music to two different Bluetooth devices simultaneously. It can open the door of new applications. For example, the new iPhone could be connected to a car and wireless headphone at the same time. In this way, you could send navigation speech while receiving music to your headphone.

The 3D Touch technology will not be included in the iPhone 11. Instead, a new type of Taptic Engine will be used. Right now, it’s codenamed as leap haptics. At this point, there hasn’t been much information about its features. However, it will surely bring a dramatic improvement towards haptic touch.

This is the end of the article. We will publish more articles on the iPhone 11 release date, specs and price as soon as we receive new updates. So, do not forget to check our website regularly.

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