iPhone 6S Plus Review: The Best “S” Phone Apple has Ever Produced

iPhone 6S Plus Review - The Verdict

The iPhone 6S is Apple’s flagship smartphone of 2015. Usually, the “S” models feature some small upgrades over the previous ones. However, the iPhone 6S has been packed with a large number of significant upgrades in every area. It has become faster and looks more beautiful. The performance of its shooter in the low light condition has been improved a lot. The highly innovative 3D touch technology is a welcome addition. In this iPhone 6S Plus review, you will all the details of the device, along with some of the issues. Take a look at it.

iPhone 6S Plus Review - Design

iPhone 6S Plus Review: Design

The iPhone 6S looks quite similar to its predecessor. It once again features the rounded, metal body that continues to provide a premium look and feeling. However, this time, the device is constructed with the 7000-series aluminum, which is one of the strongest alloys Apple has ever used in its smartphone. It has made the device significantly stronger than its predecessor. But more importantly, it is a perfect solution to the highly controversial “bendgate” issue of the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6S Plus is too strong to be bent inside your pocket.

The 6S Plus is 0.2 mm thicker than the previous model. It is also 20g heavier. Thanks to the application of the new Taptic Feedback engine. But due to the higher thickness and weight, not everyone will be able to grab the device comfortably. You will get tired holding it with one hand for an extended period of time. But on the bright side, the combination of flat rear and rounded metal edges provide you with an extra grip. So, you can hold the device tightly.

The iPhone 6S Plus is available in four different colors: space gray, silver, gold and rose gold. The last one looks quite pink and can be a great choice for your loved ones.

iPhone 6S Plus Review - Display and 3D Touch

iPhone 6S Plus Review: Display and 3D Touch

The iPhone 6S once again comes with the same 5.5-inch display. It has the same pixel density (401 ppi) and full-HD resolution as its predecessor. It provides absolutely vibrant colors. The images seem to be popping out of the screen! The texts and videos look super sharp.

With respect to the other smartphones on the market, the display is relatively less prone to fingerprints. Thanks to the combination of oleophobic coating and ion-strengthened glass.  However, sometimes, you might need to wipe the fingerprints off the display. So, it is not completely free from the issue.

The display comes with a new technology, called 3D Touch, which is an upgrade over the Force Touch. It allows you to perform different functions based on the amount of pressure you apply to the display. The Force Touch could only differentiate between the high and low pressure. However, 3D touch has an extra level of sensitivity and can react faster than its predecessor. It has opened a new gate of functionalities. For example, you can hard press on an email to peek at its content. But when you apply more force, the email will be opened. With the additional force, you can also preview the link on the Safari browser. As a result, due to the groundbreaking feature, the display gets a positive feedback in our iPhone 6S Plus review.

iPhone 6S Plus Review - Camera

iPhone 6S Plus Review: Camera

Apple knew that it needed to step up the mega pixel range to compete against the leading smartphone shooters. That’s why, it equipped the iPhone 6S Plus with a 12-MP rear shooter and a 5-MP secondary shooter. The mega pixel range is significantly higher than the iPhone 6 shooters (8-MP and 1.2-MP).

The boost in megapixel is reflected in the performance. The 12-MP rear camera captures more detail than the previous model. The colors also look more vibrant. With the deep trench technology, Apple manages to reduce the noise significantly. All of these improvements result in a more stunning shooting performance.

The performance in the low light condition has also been improved. With the larger aperture lens (f/2.2), the camera is able to let in more light and produce a much better shot than the iPhone 6 Plus shooter. However, it fails to outperform the shooters of Galaxy S6 and LG G4. They have a larger aperture than the 12-MP camera of the iPhone 6S Plus.

Apple had introduced a new system in the iPhone 6S Plus. It is called Live Photos. As the name suggests, it took a few seconds of videos after taking the shot. Yes, the feature is quite similar to Nokia’s Living Images. But unlike the technology of the Windows phone, it can record sound as well.

For the very first time, Apple has added the 4K video recording feature in its smartphone shooter. However, you cannot watch the recorded videos in their full resolution, as the display supports only 1080p. You will need a 4K television to experience the actual sharpness and clarity.

With the enhanced mega pixel range, the 5-MP secondary camera is able to capture far more details. It comes with Retina flash, which transforms the whole display into a massive source of light. The technology enables the front shooter to take the advantage of three times brighter light than a typical LED and produce absolutely stunning selfies.

Overall, the performance of both the shooters is really amazing. As a result, they get an outstanding feedback in our iPhone 6S review.

iPhone 6S Plus Review - Hardware and Performance

iPhone 6S Plus Review: Hardware and Performance

The A9 processor is 70% faster than the A8 chip used in the iPhone 6. Moreover, its PowerVR GT7600 GPU can handle graphics intensive tasks 90% faster than its predecessor. All these improvements are reflected in the Geekbench 3 (multi-core) test. While the iPhone 6 managed to score only 2924 points, the iPhone 6S Plus stuns us with a whopping score of 4413 points. It is higher than most of the smartphones of its class, including LG G4 (3522 points). However, it fails to outperform Samsung Galaxy S6 (5215 points).

However, with respect to the gaming performance, the iPhone 6S Plus manages to outsmart Samsung’s 2015 flagship smartphone. In the 3DMark Ice Storm benchmark test, the iPhone 6S Plus scores 27,848 points, which is a way higher than the score of Galaxy S6 (20,778 points). The score is reflected while running graphics intensive games, like Real Racing 3. The device runs the game flawlessly. We haven’t experienced any fps drop. And the graphics look absolutely fantastic.

In terms of general usage, the performance is really fast. You can navigate through the interface and browse the web pages with a great pace. However, sometimes, some of the apps tend to open a bit slowly.

iPhone 6S Plus Review - Battery

iPhone 6S Plus Review: Battery

The 2950 mAh battery of 2014’s iPhone 6 Plus can make two days. Despite having a smaller capacity, the performance of the 2750 mAh battery of the iPhone 6S Plus is on par with its predecessor. After surfing online for several hours on 4G, watching videos on YouTube, and making phone calls, we found that 60% of the charge was remaining at the end of the day. In the video looping test with the screen brightness set to 170cd/m2, the battery lasted 14 hours and 58 minutes. Its predecessor also survived almost the same amount of time.

In GSMArena’s endurance rating test, the 2750 mAh battery of the iPhone 6S Plus lasted 85 hours. The performance is really outstanding in comparison with the batteries of LG G5 and Sony Xperia XZ. But more importantly, Apple finally manages to beat Samsung in terms of battery performance. The 2550 mAh battery lasted only 73 hours in the same test.

iPhone 6S Plus Review - Storage

iPhone 6S Plus Review: Storage

The iPhone 6S Plus is available in three different storage options: 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. The entry-level model comes with 16 GB internal storage, which is adequate for loading the device with a plenty of apps, photos and songs. Apple’s mobile operating system is able to reduce the size of the apps on the smartphones with a smaller internal storage capacity. However, very soon, you will feel that you need more space. In that sense, we recommend you to purchase the 64 GB model. It offers you enough space to store a large number of songs and music videos. However, if you have a massive collection of apps and songs, or want to record 4K videos frequently, the 128 GB model will be the right choice for you.

iPhone 6S Plus Review - Fingerprint Scanner and Taptic Engine

iPhone 6S Plus Review: Fingerprint Scanner and Taptic Engine

The fingerprint scanner is no longer a unique feature. However, it has received a significant improvement in the iPhone 6S Plus. It is two times faster than its predecessor. And it has been integrated into the home button. You can use the fingerprint scanner not only to unlock your phone but also perform online transactions through the Cupertino company’s own mobile payment system, called Apple Pay.

Taptic Engine is a very unique feature. It provides vibration in a way that you had never experienced before. It offers you with a different feeling for different functions. For example, a text message provides a different vibration with respect to a phone call. In this way, you will realize what is going on the phone effectively.

iPhone 6S Plus Review - Operating System

iPhone 6S Plus Review: Operating System

The iPhone 6S Plus was launched with the iOS 9. The mobile operating system brought a number of new features. The battery icon was included in the drop down notification panel. The PassBook was replaced with the Wallet, which stores your credit card information, boarding passes and coupons. Unlike the iOS 8, the voice assistant app Siri remained always on.

Having an extremely powerful hardware, the iPhone 6S Plus has become compatible with the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, called iOS 10. It has been loaded with tons of unique features. When you send a message in your own handwriting, the receiver will see it in an animated form. It will look like ink flowing on a piece of paper. The device is automatically lightened up whenever it is being picked. Thanks to the “Raise to Wake” feature. All these features take the user experience the iPhone 6S Plus to a whole new level.

iPhone 6S Plus Review - Call Quality

iPhone 6S Plus Review: Call Quality

The call quality of the iPhone 6S Plus is acceptable. The speakerphone sounds really good. We haven’t noticed any crackle in the voice. While wearing earpiece, you will get a very strong tone even though you are surrounded by a noisy environment. Thanks to the noise cancelling technology, which ensures an incredible clarity. However, sometimes, the earpiece might crackle when you make a call. But it happens very rarely.

iPhone 6S Plus Review - The Verdict

iPhone 6S Plus Review: The Verdict

Yes, the iPhone 6S Plus is really big and heavy. It is also more expensive than the other phablets of its class. But with the highly improved shooters and super-fast performance, the iPhone 6S Plus has managed to meet the demands of the power users. The inclusion of new features, including 3D Touch technology and always-on Siri, have made the device really unique. Moreover, the display is incredibly sharp. All these things make the iPhone 6S Plus the best “S” variant Apple has ever presented to the tech lovers.

This is the end of our iPhone 6S Plus review. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts by hitting the comment button.

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