iPhone 7 Cost: 32 GB Model at $800, 128 GB Model with 11% Off at $899.99

iPhone 7 Cost - 32 GB Model at $800, 128 GB Model with 11% Off at $899.99

If you want to buy Apple’s new smartphone, you must have been looking for the latest iPhone 7 cost. In this article, you will find the prices of the two variants of the new iPhone.

iPhone 7 Cost - 32 GB Model at $800, 128 GB Model with 11% Off at $899.99

iPhone 7 Cost: 32 GB Model at $800

This year, Apple hasn’t revealed 16 GB variant for the iPhone 7. Rather, it has decided the 32 GB variant as the entry level one. So, if you want to go for the lowest priced iPhone 7 model, it is the right one for you. However, the price is not cheap at all. The entry level iPhone 7 cost is $800. Yes, it is really pricey. But to get a great device, you must have to spend a lot of money. Although the iPhone 7 cost is really high, we certainly believe that it is one of the best options for you right at this moment. You will definitely not be disappointed having it, as it comes with several ground breaking features.

iPhone 7 Cost: 128 GB Model with 11% Off at $893.50

There is no significant discount available for the 32 GB model right at this moment. However, the thing is quite different for the 128 GB variant. It is now available with 10% discount at $899.99. Originally, it was being tagged with $999.99. So, it is a discount of $100. If you want to purchase a high-end, flagship smartphone, it is definitely the right option for you.

The iPhone 7 has been equipped with the new Apple A10 fusion processor, which has made it the fastest iPhone ever created. Its mega pixel range of the primary camera is still set to 12-MP. However, the range of the secondary camera has been improved from 5-MP to 7-MP. As a result, you can take sharper selfies. And for the very first time, the water and dustproof design has been introduced. So, it is definitely the best iPhone model that we have ever seen.

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