iPhone 7 Pictures: Concepts that are Buzzing the Apple Enthusiasts

iPhone 7 Pictures - Next-Generation Apple Smartphone with a Unique Home Button

While we are several months away from the release of the new Apple smartphone, the iPhone 7 pictures are surfacing heavily on the web. Some of them have created a massive buzz in the Apple community. In this article, you will find those kind of buzzing images of the next-generation iPhone.

iPhone 7 Pictures - Next-Generation Apple Smartphone with a Unique Home Button

iPhone 7 Pictures: Next-Generation Apple Smartphone with a Unique Home Button

DeepMind, a designing company, has recently revealed several pictures of the rendering of the iPhone 7. It imagines an iPhone 7 that runs through the iOS 10. The design looks pretty cool. There is a beautiful edge-to-edge screen. The most significant thing revealed in these iPhone 7 pictures is the home button that is integrated with the display, which is totally different from the permanent one of the current versions of the iPhone. Similar to the keyboard of the iPhone, the home button appears only at the time when it is required. Overall, it looks really amazing.

iPhone 7 Pictures - 4K Display

iPhone 7 Pictures: 4K Display

Apple’s biggest rivals have already released smartphones having 4K displays. But the Cupertino company is yet to use such a high-quality display in its smartphone. But you might have to wait no longer. It may equip the iPhone 7 with the 4K display, as suggested by the design revealed by SCAVidsHD. It was originally created as an iPhone 6 concept. But now, it has been changed to the iPhone 7. The design revealed by the iPhone 7 pictures looks absolutely gorgeous. It also envisions several key features, including the 16-MP primary camera and the 3-MP secondary camera.

iPhone 7 Pictures - Dual Camera Interface

iPhone 7 Pictures: Dual Camera Interface

Earlier, a number of reports published by the top rated publications claimed that the next-generation iPhone will be equipped with the dual camera. The claim has generated a massive buzz among the Apple enthusiasts. And one of the iPhone 7 pictures has added a new dimension to it. It was designed by Computer Bild, which shows the mock-up of the dual camera system of the upcoming smartphone. If it really happens, the photo capturing ability of the iPhone will reach a new level.

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