iPhone 7 Release to Take Place on September 16

iPhone 7 Release to Take Place on September 16

The iPhone 7 release date is the fact that every Apple enthusiast is talking about. Due to the rumors on the inclusion of the outstanding features, they cannot wait to grab the new smartphone.

In this article, you will find the most possible release date of the next-generation Apple smartphone.

iPhone 7 Release to Take Place on September 16

Evan Blass Claims September 16 as the iPhone 7 Release Date

Most of the previous reports claimed that the iPhone 7 would be released in September. It looks really logical with respect to the launch time of the previous models. Strengthening the claim, Evan Blass, who has a great track record of predicting the release of future devices, has tweeted an important information about the iPhone 7 release. He states that the release of the next-generation device will take place on Friday, September 16.

At first, he tweeted that the release will take place in the week of September 12.

After that, he posted another tweet to clarify the matter. He states that it is about the retail release. More importantly, he becomes more specific this time. He states the release will happen on September 16.

Typically, the new iPhones get released into the market after two weeks of being revealed in a launching event. If the same thing happens again, the special iPhone 7 event is very likely to take place in the first week of September. And it looks quite logical, as all the earlier reports predicted the early September 2016 as the most possible launch time.

Pre-Orders Starting on September 9

In addition to revealing the iPhone 7 release date, Bliss has also informed the most possible start date for the pre-order. In a new tweet, he states that it will start on September 9. If it is really true, the device is very likely to be revealed on September 6, which is the day after the US Labor Day.

The iPhone 7 is expected to feature a 4.7-inch IPS LCD display. It will also feature a 12-MP primary camera and 5-MP secondary camera. Under the hood, it is very likely to contain the powerful A10 processor, 2 GB RAM and 1960 mAh battery.

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