iPhone 7 Review: Best Performing and Photo Shooting Smartphone on the Market

iPhone 7 Review - Best Performing and Photo Shooting Smartphone

Having great cameras and a super-fast processor, the iPhone 7 hits the market with a bang. With several new features, the device is able to provide a unique user experience. But is it truly the best smartphone on the market? In this iPhone 7 review, you will find the answer to the question.

iPhone 7 Review - Best Performing and Photo Shooting Smartphone

iPhone 7 Review: Design

In terms of look, the iPhone 7 is almost same as the iPhone 6S. However, to enable the smartphone stand out from the crowd, Apple has applied the new Jet Black finish. Yes, it is a metal phone. But it feels incredibly smooth. You can also choose other variants of different colors, including Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. But they are not as unique as the Jet Black. The device marks the introduction of the waterproof feature on an iPhone for the very first time. So, you can take it to the swimming pool without any worry. Now, let’s get down to some issues. The device doesn’t have any headphone jack. So, if you have a pair of wired headphones, you will definitely be in a trouble. Yes, Apple is providing you with a Lightning Earpods and an adapter so that you can connect the wire headphone to the iPhone 7. But you cannot charge the device and listen to the music simultaneously. As a result, in terms of design, it gets a mixed in our iPhone 7 review.

iPhone 7 Review: Display

The 4.7-inch display retains the resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels. It results in a pixel density of 326 ppi, which is way lower than the display of the Galaxy S7. However, practically, the iPhone 7 display offers a plenty of sharpness. It’s really hard to spot block pixels in it. Using the wider DCI-P3 color gamut, which is also used by the Hollywood filmmakers, the display is able to provide an amazing cinematic experience. You will love watching movies, like Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman, in it. The dark scenes look really great. However, when it comes to the deep blacks, it lags far behind from the Galaxy S7 display. Nonetheless, due to the amazing cinematic experience, the display gets a great feedback from us in our iPhone 7 review.

iPhone 7 Review: Camera

Having a new six optics lens and a wider f/1.8 aperture, the rear shooter is able to perform brilliantly in the low light condition. If you like to take photos at night, you will really love it. The captured photos look more natural and vibrant than ever before. In the condition with a plenty of light, the performance is stunning. Wider aperture lets in more light, which results in extremely detailed photos. It also has an impeccable video recording ability. It can record videos with 4K resolution. The front facing camera is also great. Having an enhanced megapixel range, the 7-MP primary shooter can capture much sharper selfies.

iPhone 7 Review: Performance

The iPhone 7 still has the 2 GB RAM. But it has the new A10 Fusion processor, which makes it the fastest smartphone of 2016. In the Geekbench 4 (multi-core) test, it scores 5510 points, which is higher than the score of Galaxy S7 (5201 points). The score proves the iPhone 7’s impeccable ability to run all the games and apps with a blazing pace.

iPhone 7 Review: Battery

The 1960 mAh battery is able to last longer than its predecessor. But still, it’s not enough. We have noticed a rapid drop of charge while playing demanding games, like Pokemon Go. Its endurance rating is 61 hours, which is nowhere near to the 80 hour endurance rating of the Galaxy S7 battery.

iPhone 7 Review: The Verdict

The iPhone 7 is the best performing and photo shooting smartphone on the market. However, it cannot be regarded as the best overall phone due to the exclusion of the headphone jack and unimpressive battery performance. However, if you haven’t bought an iPhone before, it is a must-have device for you.

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