iPhone 7 Review: Impeccable Shooters and Super-Fast Performance

iPhone 7 Review - Impeccable Shooters and Super-Fast Performance

iPhone 7 is the one of the hottest smartphones of this year. The inclusion of the new features, including waterproofing capability, has made it a great choice for the people who are willing to buy a new iPhone. In this article, you will find the detailed review of the device. Take a look at them.

iPhone 7 Review - Impeccable Shooters and Super-Fast Performance


iPhone 7 Review: Design

The new iPhone comes with several design changes. For the very first time, it features the waterproofing feature. As a result, it is able to survive plunges into the swimming pool. Another big change is the removal of the headphone jack, which will definitely create a massive impact on the headphone industry. But thankfully, Apple has provided a lighting connector with the smartphone. You can use it to connect your headphone.  Another important feature is the dual speakers, which are able to generate a buzzing noise. The home button is no longer clickable. It is now sunken on the front and responds based on the force you apply to it.

iPhone 7 Review: Display

The new iPhone retains the 4.7-inch 1334 x 750 pixels resolution display. It features the same 3D Touch technology like its predecessor. It has become more colorful than ever before. More importantly, its depth of color is same as of the cinema display. So, watching HD movies in it will be an amazing experience. The brightness of the display has received a 25% boost. However, still, it is not as sharp as the display of the Galaxy S7 or LG G5. But that doesn’t mean that it is bad. In day to day usage, you will not find any issue with it at all.

iPhone 7 Review: Camera

The 12-MP primary camera comes with an enhanced aperture of f/1.8. It results in a much better performance in the low light condition. In fact, in this condition, it can outsmart the shooter of the Galaxy S7. The photos look more colorful and brighter than ever before. The sensor comes with a dedicated image processing chip. As a result, the camera can take multiple shots very quickly. The iPhone 7 also has a 7-MP secondary camera. It can take razor sharp selfies, even in the low light condition.

iPhone 7 Review: Performance

Unlike the A9 chip, the new A10 Fusion processor comes with quad cores. It results in an extremely fast performance. All the apps are opened very quickly. The gaming performance is outstanding. The device will run all the upcoming console quality games with a great pace and graphics. The new Taptic feedback has enhanced the gaming experience significantly. While firing a machine gun, you will feel a realistic vibration.

iPhone 7 Review: Battery

The new A10 Fusion chip is very power efficient. As a result, the battery performance has been improved. The battery life is enhanced by 10%. But it is not enough. Where the battery of Galaxy S7 comes with an outstanding endurance rating of 80 hours, the iPhone 7 battery lasts only 61 hours.

iPhone 7 Review: The Verdict

If you haven’t bought any Apple smartphone before, the iPhone 7 is the right one to get. Its performance is outstanding. Its shooters are absolutely fantastic. The introduction of the waterproofing feature is a welcome addition. However, if you want to have a smartphone with an outstanding battery life, it is not a great option for you.

This is the end of our review. Keep in touch with us to find more information about the iPhone 7.

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