iPhone 7S Coming Out in 2017, Along with the iPhone 8

iPhone 7S Coming Out in 2017, Along with the iPhone 8

It has been just a few months since the iPhone 7 entered into the market. But the Apple lovers have already started searching the term “iPhone 7S coming out” throughout the internet. They are desperate to know the release date of the next-gen iPhone. In this article, you will find the possible release date of the device.

iPhone 7S Coming Out in 2017, Along with the iPhone 8

iPhone 7S Coming Out in 2017

Apple traditionally releases the “S” model in the following year of releasing the standard model. The same thing is going to happen in case of iPhone 7. Its next-gen model, the iPhone 7S, is going to be released in the next year. More specifically, it will be revealed in the first week of September. It will be accompanied by a larger variant, which will be known as the iPhone 7S Plus.

iPhone 7S coming out in 2017 is definitely not surprising. But what really surprises us is the recently leaked documents of Apple’s East Asian supply chain, which suggest that a third model will also be released, along with the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. It is the iPhone 8! Codenamed “Ferrari,” the device will come with the red color, which is really unusual for an Apple smartphone. It is said to feature wireless charging and an invisible home button. The smartphone is also said to feature a bezel-less OLED display, which strongly suggests about the introduction of a curved screen.

In the documents, the three models are being labelled as D20, D21 and D22. The first two labels are of the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. The third one is of the “Ferrari” version, which will come with the exotic, high-end technologies. It will have the split logic board. That means, one piece will house the new A11 processor and flash storage. The other one will contain the Wi-Fi and communication chips.

On the other hand, the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus is expected to feature curved glass casing on the back, a folding element and a dual-lens 3D camera supporting augmented reality. The features will definitely take Apple’s position in the smartphone market to a higher level.

iPhone 7S coming out, along with the iPhone 8, in 2017 is definitely a great news for the Apple lovers. However, it sounds really unusual. Keep in touch with us to find more information about the next-gen Apple smartphones.

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