Release Date for iPhone 7: What do the recent reports think?

Release Date for iPhone 7 - What do the recent reports think

The release date for iPhone 7 is the term that all the Apple enthusiasts are searching throughout the internet. They are very keen to know the details about the release of the device.

In this article, you will find what the recent reports of the top rated publications state about the release date for iPhone 7. Take a look at them.

Release Date for iPhone 7 - What do the recent reports think

Release Date for iPhone 7: Counsel Heal Believes September to be the Revelation Month

Counsel Heal, one of the most popular online publications, has published a report on the release date of the upcoming iPhone 7. It states that the device will be revealed in September. In comparison with the release date of the previous models, it seems to be quite possible. In addition to mentioning the release date for iPhone 7, the report reveals an important feature. It claims that the device will not feature the aluminum case. Rather, it will come with an all-glass design, which will make it incredibly attractive. According to Allen Horng, the CEO of Cathcer Technology, one of Apple’s manufacturing partner, the processing technology for the glass casing for the upcoming iPhone 7 is being developed. So, the next-generation smartphone will definitely feature the all-glass design.

Release Date for iPhone 7: The Bitbag Also Expects to See the Introduction in September

Similar to the previous report, The BitBag, another popular website, strongly expects to see the release of the iPhone 7 in September 2016. But more interestingly, it has revealed a massively upgraded feature of the device. It claims that the next-generation smartphone will be packed with the massive 256 GB internal storage. It is a massive improvement from the maximum storage capacity of 64 GB of the current generation iPhone 6S. In addition, the device is claimed to have the microSD card slot for the additional storage support. So, you will have more than enough space to keep all your necessary files on the iPhone 7.

Release Date for iPhone 7: Forbes Believes the Revelation will Not Take in 2016!

While almost all the reports expect to see the release in this year, Forbes comes with a quite different news. According to one of its recent reports, the release date for iPhone 7 will not be set in 2016. Rather, it will be put in 2017. It has also revealed the reason behind the move. It claims that the release will be pushed back with a view to celebrating the iPhone’s tenth anniversary with the release of the next-generation model in the next year. However, Apple hasn’t confirmed the matter yet. So, there is still hope to see its release in this year.

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